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Known for his presence on British television as well as his deep knowledge in the world of yoga, this charismatic teacher combines his passion for Yin Yoga with his exceptional communication skills. In addition to being a television personality in the United Kingdom, he is also a master of gongs and hang, using them as powerful tools in his healing workshops. His unique approach blends the gentle practice of Yin Yoga with the healing vibration of instruments, creating transformative experiences for his students. His gift for communication is reflected in his ability to guide and motivate others, making him a highly effective personal coach. His charismatic presence and profound knowledge make his classes not only educational but also inspiring and revitalizing for all who have the privilege to attend.



Rochelle is originally from Brazil but currently resides in Barcelona. Her first encounter with yoga occurred in 2005, and she has been dedicated to teaching since 2014. For the past few years, she has been a regular student in Usha Devi’s classes in Rishikesh, where she learns from the Iyengar lineage. Her sessions are known for being intense yet gently conveyed. They are based on the Iyengar method, focusing on the intelligence of the body and mind through asanas. During practice, she dedicates time to each posture, allowing every student to experience and understand it fully.



Sandra Arnaiz had her first encounter with yoga 15 years ago. Although it was a casual occurrence, the first class had such a profound impact on her that yoga has been an essential part of her daily life ever since. Trained in various disciplines (Classic Hatha, Vinyasa, Hatha Raja, Yin Yoga, Vedic chanting, and functional anatomy, among others), she began delving into the contemplative experience through voice and chanting. Currently, she offers practices that combine Yin teachings with the healing power of sound.



Mitch Burnett is a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. Australian now living in Spain, Mitch´s classes are inspired and developed through a combined practice of Jivamukti and Ashtanga Yoga. Movement and Breath are used as primary tools to harmonize the Body and Mind. Our sacred connection to the Breath is given the priority throughout all of Mitch’s classes. Understanding mindfulness to establish a strong foundation of inner peace is the outcome of consistent, regular and devoted practice. Using the asana to develop deep states of concentration.



Olga Oskorbina is the founder and director of Jivamukti Yoga Barcelona. With a strong background in meditation her ability to conduct the energetic environment of a yoga class is unique and profound. She has a clear and concise method of teaching, allowing space for introversion in the practice. With a strong interest in all elements of yoga she continues to study and practice with great enthusiasm. Weaving these attributes together she presents students with a very comprehensive and nourishing experience of Jivamukti Yoga.



Mireia Coma-Cros has been practicing yoga since 1987. She is one of the few people specialized in yoga for cancer patients, chronic illnesses, and vulnerable populations. Trained by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the Yoga Therapy in Cancer and Chronic Illness Program (San Francisco, USA), and the Breath-Body-Mind Program for trauma, Mireia will offer a practical session and various talks to understand how yoga can help us as a therapeutic discipline in these specific cases.



Alexis Racionero is a Ph.D. in Art History, with a degree in Geography and History, specializing in Eastern philosophy. He has been a film professor at ESCAC for many years. He is a Gestalt therapist and generative coach, as well as a Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. He gives motivational lectures and personal growth retreats with his Wakenpath method. He constantly travels to Asia, where he has filmed the documentaries Rubbersoul, the hippie journey to India, and Railway to Heaven, a journey from Beijing to Tibet (both available on A contributor to La Vanguardia and Mundo Deportivo, he is also the author of several books.



Yolanda traveled to India for years and trained with spiritual masters who confronted her identity and dismantled her life structure, rebuilding it anew, free from fear. Her passion for helping people transform led her to teach yoga and meditation at her yoga studio founded in 2006 in Barcelona. A few years later, she began to accompany very profound life change processes through generative coaching, a soul coaching that works very deeply in our subconscious.



Surinder Singh teaches Hatha Yoga as a combination of yogasana, pranayama, and meditation, in an atmosphere of warmth and support. It is this atmosphere and energy, and its enormously positive effect on the practice, that the teacher’s students notice and for which they return year after year. With a background in mechanical engineering, Surinder integrates principles of mechanical physics into his teaching practice, thus transforming them into biomechanics of alignment and adjustment of asanas, as well as of yoga practice as a whole. Currently, Surinder Singh is the most popular yoga teacher in the world’s yoga capital, Rishikesh. Thousands of yoga practitioners from around the world call Surinder Ji their main teacher.



Born into a community dedicated to the practice of yoga, he has been immersed in the path of personal growth and inner development since a young age. During his youth, he had the opportunity to travel to India, where he began his spiritual journey. Since then, his musical career has taken a new direction, focusing on awakening consciousness and self-realization. He has specialized particularly in mantra chanting, musical fusion, and sound healing, channeling his passion for music as a tool for inner transformation. His style is very unique; we will see him performing Kirtan (mantra chanting), Devotional Singing, World Music, and Sound Healing.



Xarim is from Flix. Music is the true protagonist of the journey he proposes to us at the root level. But it is Xarim Aresté who, with his reflections like daggers on the nature of the human soul, always leads the way forward, linking circles with a guitar that sounds like a master and sounds like home.



During his first stage, Jordi Bresolí uses oil painting with glazes, focusing on a realistic language. Over time, he evolves towards a more abstract expression, working with natural materials such as earth-based pigments and clays, developing a pure geometric language.



Tato Sáenz’s proposal is a sonic journey inspired by the rich musical tradition of India and the Ottoman Empire. These experiences are designed to be organic, where sound influences the body, mind, and spirit harmoniously. They are carried out by combining a variety of instruments, including percussion, wind, and string, thus creating a unique and transformative sensory experience.



Arms & Sleepers is an electronic music duo known for their atmospheric approach and unique fusion of electronic and organic elements. Their compositions evoke ethereal and melancholic soundscapes, where subtle electronic rhythms intertwine with elements of live music such as strings and vocals. With a masterful ability to create immersive and emotive atmospheres, Arms & Sleepers takes listeners on a sonic journey filled with rich textures and deep emotions.



Amansa Sans is a Spanish filmmaker recognized for her talent in the film industry. She graduated in film in Barcelona and has won awards such as the Goya for Best Documentary Short Film for “El susurro del viento” and the Audience Award at the San Sebastián International Film Festival for “La sombra del árbol”. With a unique visual style, she continues to explore new ways of storytelling in cinema.



Fede G. Mayer is a musical project led by Federico Gonzalez Mayer, a singer-songwriter born in Lleida, Catalonia, with Argentine origins. His music is a fusion of various styles including singer-songwriter, Latin jazz, Argentine and Spanish rock, tango, among others. The lyrics aim to convey Fede’s concerns and worldview, contemplating aspects such as nature, time, and the human essence.